Mirim means Beautiful Beads.

Beads refer to a human of fulfillment through transformation and evolution.
Therefore, MirimGENE symbolizes the orderly source of healthy and beautiful human beings.

MirimGENE was established to develop an innovative drug for treatment of intractable
immune diseases and infectious diseases that have no cure and are resistant to existing medications.

The creative, passionate, and trusted executives and employees of MirimGENE
will do our best to save lives based on the absolute value of life respect.
Also, we will constantly challenge ourselves to contribute to a healthy and happy life for humanity.

I'll do my best to grow as a global biopharmaceutical company
with influence to change the future.

Thank you.

MirimGENE CEO Mirim Jin

Mirim Jin

Mirim Jin, the founder and CEO of MirimGENE, is currently the head professor at the department of microbiology, College of Medicine at Gachon University.

She majored in pharmaceutical science and is an Rph. She received her Ph.D. at the graduate school of pharmaceutical science, Seoul National University. She has been trained as a post-doc at the department of microbiology and immunology, University of Western Ontario, Canada, and as a research professor at the graduate school of biotechnology, Korea University, researching viral pathogenesis and immunology.

Based on her insight into pharmacology and immunology, she laid the foundation for functional food and new drug development, Alex (atopic immune responses), Layla (rheumatoid arthritis), and Motilitone (functional dyspepsia) by discovering the candidates and leading the PoC in the development process. The medications are currently being prescribed for patients in pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. Approximately 70 thesis papers were published in SCI journals and registered patents in the USA, Europe, and South Korea. Also, was awarded the science merit award, the King Sejong patent award, and the Univera academic award.

During the last two decades, as the PI, she accomplished numerous projects supported by Korean government research grants. Through this, she discovered WARS1’s novel function for innate immune activation and published its molecular mechanisms in Nature microbiology, and transferred the sepsis early diagnosis technology to JW Bioscience. technology to JW Bioscience.

The “Development of Sepsis Theranostics” targeting WARS1 was selected as the Ministry of Science and ICT’s innovative new drug pipeline discovery project.

Through this, MirimGENE was established and received TIPS, the startup commercialization grant from the Ministry of SMEs, oversea marketing funds, and Series A investment was made from 8 VCs including the Daily Partners. In 2022, MirimGENE was selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and KDDF for the grant.

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