About Us

Our History

  • 2023

    1. Baby Unicorn 200 Fostering Project

      Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • 2022

    1. National New Drug Development Project

      Korea Drug Development Fund

    2. Technology development project for the prevention
      and treatment of infectious diseases

      Ministry of Health and Welfare

    3. Expansion and Relocation of Company-Affiliated Research Institute

      POSCO Green Building, Yonsei University International Campus

  • 2021

    1. TIPS Overseas Marketing Project

      Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    2. Series A Investment

      8 VCs including daily partners

    3. TIPS Startup Commercialization Project

      Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    4. Innovative New Drug Pipeline Discovery Project

      Joint research with the Ministry of Science and ICT

  • 2020

    1. TIPS R&D Project

      Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    2. Venture Company Certification

      Venture Investment Company

    3. Corporate Affiliated Research Institute Certification

      Korea Industrial Technology Association

    4. Attracted TIPS Seed Investment

      Daily Golden Hour Bio Healthcare Fund No. 2

  • 2019

    1. Established MirimGENE

      Lee Gill-Ya Cancer and Diabetes Research Institute, Gachon University