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Dr. Mirim Jin, CEO

Dr. Mirim Jin, CEO & Founder

Dr. Jin is the CEO and founder of MirimGENE and serves as the chair of microbiology at the College of Medicine, Gachon University.

Her outstanding achievement is the discovery of WARS1’s new function in activating the innate immune system, which was published in Nature Microbiology.

The Ministry of Science and ICT recognized her work on "Development of Sepsis Theranostics" targeting WARS1 as groundbreaking.
This recognition led to the establishment of MirimGENE, supported by
a TIPS grant, eight venture capital firms, 2022 grants from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and KDDF, and a 2023 grant for Baby Unicorn.

Dr. Jin has a PhD from the College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, specializing in viral pathogenesis and immunology.

Through conducting new drug development projects for over twenty years, Dr. Jin has played a crucial role in the launch of novel medicines, such as Layla and Motilitone, which are now prescribed to patients suffering from chronic diseases.